Date Time Location

July  17 2004

Early Swim 2:00 pm
Jam 7:00 pm

12429 Colewood St.
Oak Hill VA 20171



Pool Jam 2004 – 10th Edition

That’s right; 10 years, a decade, a half a score.  For this year’s 10th anniversary Web site, we go retro and return to the party-picture collage concept that dominated our site during the 1990’s. Although it’s more work than simply ripping off a picture from the Internet (2001, 2002, 2003), this year I had professional help.  Erin Hill put this beauty together; take a bow sweetie! Make sure to pass your mouse over the images along the left and follow the links.  We call these links “roll-overs”.  Col. Tee-Gore on the upper right corner is also a “roll-over”. 

For those newbie’s amongst you, Pool Jam is comprised of two events: An “Early Swim” which provides families, sun-worshipers and the tamer set a chance to enjoy a more exotic cuisine and a fancier selection at the bar.  The evening “Jam” caters to the more animated crowd.  

 Yes No Maybe, which made their public debut at PJ’03, makes a triumphant return. As I forecasted last year, YesNoMaybe has catapulted to local prominence. Their opening gig at the Great Falls Tavern earlier in the year generated a crowd unlike any that the establishment had ever experienced. They were immediately signed for a series of performances.  Behind the strong vocals of their alluring frontwomen Lisa Weiss, the band plays a tight, progressive mix of covers that expands with each performance. This may be your last opportunity to see them without waiting in long lines and paying ridiculous ticket prices.

 Filling out our musical repertoire, the well-goggled DJ IC3 (aka Trent Surles) takes time from his busy Ibiza itinerary to keep PJ04’s atmosphere full-on.

 Culinary magic is provided by Dawn Rohweder, Steve Prentice, Mike Barreda, Steve Hall, and Dave Lavery.  Food is a profession for two of these guys; it is a passion for all five. To experience their high-end productions, attend the early-swim.  Wait too late into the Jam and you’ll be foraging for nuts and berries.

 An era ends and a new one begins at the Tiki Bar this Pool Jam. Mariana Rohweder, our legendary Margarita Master, has decided to hang up the blender.  At the emotional conclusion of her recent retirement ceremony, Mariana announced her successor. The public announcement will occur July 17. Backing our new bartender will be the perennial helmets, Doug Pascarella and Alfredo Rohweder. Try not to distract them with shiny objects.

  Margaritas are the house drink and the party’s social lubricant.  Rookies be forewarned: these Margaritas aren’t the ones your mother fed you as a kid. Drink responsibly (my lawyer made me say that). Kegs of both high-specific-gravity and of low carbohydrate will provide respite from the Mexican Maguey juice.

 As always, Pool Jam is a private affair. You must be an invited guest of one of the hosts or accompany an invited guest. Exclusions can be made by a host on-site, but due to the fact that most of the hosts are male, expect the criteria to be shallow and based on superficial physical attributes.

 Tee is the Grand Madame of the backyard. Do not bring pets without first clearing it with Dawn, Alfredo or Tee.

Pool Jam is an annual event. Pool Jam 10th Anniversary Edition only happens once.

 On the fence? Hey daddy-o, don't be a 


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