r   a  l  p  h       r  o  h  w  e  d  e  r

Ralph' Quotes


The Achilles heel of democracy is rhetoric unrestrained by reality.

Sincere belief does not equal truth. Only probable truth is accessible, and that solely through honest and careful assembly of empirical and experimental evidence. This process is called science.
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

The socialist idea that people who feed, cloth, house, medicate, teach  and do other  beneficial things deserve no more than those who destroy, steal and consume has fallen into disfavor in Central Europe. 

Now only illiterate Africans and Latins, American journalists, preachers and professors believe in the Marxist motto.
There is an inverse relationship between gun ownership by reputable citizens and violent crime. Criminals love having helpless victims!
We learn more from our defeats than from our victories, but our intellectual gains from defeat usually are more than offset by what defeat does to our courage, our vitality, our hopes and our enterprise. Obviously we need to recognize that defeat prepares us for success if only we can master the emotional scars. - 1981
Fashionable Hypocrisy
Is it intellectually honest to celebrate the desires of Lithuanians, Armenians, Israelis and others to live independent or somewhat separated from nearby antagonistic peoples, and then: to condemn the exact same sentiment grounded on realistic fears in South Africa? 

In journalism these days, if you won't be "politically correct", you must at least be obscure.

A radical women's libber is a gal who believes women are identical to men,  . . .  only more so.

Many women advocate unilateral disarmament because they are sexually attracted to conquerors.

The National Organization of Women campaigns for abortion. It's hard to understand how women with their hatred of men could have any need for abortion.

Men complain because they don't understand women. Woman understand women, and they don't like them.

Jesus was a Jewish religious reformer who failed, then and now, to persuade a majority of his fellow Jews that relentless retribution brings endless suffering.